10 11 12 August 2017

The Neverland Tribes

Within the magical realms lie the characters of The Neverland. Who will you join?


Join the Lost Boys of The Neverwoods… The children of the forest, the ones who never grow up.

You have been lost in The Neverwoods for longer than you can remember, your clothes (what little is left of them) are shabby and fixed using things you have found in the woods…or entirely made of leaves and hides.

You are the lost boys and you live to play!! You love practical jokes on the other tribes. You have a good relationship with the Mermaids…but not with the Pirates so be careful, they will try to capture you!

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Join the Mermaids of Mermaids Lagoon… The height of decadence and thrilling glamour.

You are the queens (male and female!) of the Lagoon, you are here to spread sparkle. You are the majestic and mischievous characters, you love to flirt and entertain! Pirates may come hunting for you, but they can be repelled with glitter and bubbles! You are allies with The Lost Boys.

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Join the Pirates of Skull Ridge… These are pirates with a twist, think steampunk, meets punk, meets Wild West!

Long since abandoned sailing the high seas in favour of living in The Neverland. You are anarchistic, boisterous, hedonistic and loud! You don’t listen to rules and reign punk and grunge with your mad mob.

You have no allies other than your pirate brothers, who you stick with till the end.

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