10 11 12 August 2017

The ultimate party!


A genuine mini version of Glastonbury.


Lee's story has been compared to that of Michael Eavis who started Glastonbury.

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Ticket FAQs

What are the ticket tiers?

We have a tiered ticket system in place for weekend camping tickets. This simply means there are a limited number of tickets in each tier and the price will increase with each step.

What is the Litter Bond added to my ticket?

We strive to leave John Darling’s farm as lovely as when we found it. To encourage all campers to help us combat post festival litter problems, we add a £10 litter bond to your ticket. This will be refunded at the end of the festival, when your full bin bag is handed in to one of our litter crew. Who can be located at the campsite information point.

When will my tickets arrive?

Tickets will arrive a couple of weeks before the festival. For all ticketing inquiries please contact the ticketing agency you purchased through.

Can I collect my ticket at the site?

Yes. If you order your ticket too late for it to be posted and don’t have a printer then you can collect it from the box office. You will need ID to prove you are the person that bought the tickets.

Do children need tickets?

Yes. Children 12 and under go free, however they still need a ticket, so that we have a complete record of the number of people onsite. All tickets here.

Why is there a booking fee for tickets?

The booking fee is charged by ticketing agents to cover the work they need to do in organising ticketing. We negotiate hard to have the best booking fees possible for you.

Can I get a refund on my ticket?

Unfortunately we are unable to organise refunds for festival tickets. If sadly you are no longer to attend with your ticket please use a reputable ticket re-sale site, such as the ticket trust.

Can I camp without a festival ticket?

We cannot allow anyone onsite without a valid LeeFest ticket.

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