10 11 12 August 2017

The Neverland Realms

The Neverland re-imagines the very concept of a festival, allowing the creative community that organically snowballed from Lee’s garden to flourish and shine. A spectacular, immersive kingdom of music, party and arts, built into three magical realms….

The Neverwoods

Boasting some of the finest scenery in the whole of The Neverland, The Neverwoods home of the Lost Boys, is a place of tranquility, nourishment and well-being. Stroll through the ambient forests and embrace new music, arts and crafts.

The Lost Boys have collected lost and abandoned objects from the outside world and assembled them into venues for your enjoyment…


Built by the Lost Boys, Bangarang is the main stage of The Neverland, constructed as a fortress from miscellany of all the lost and found from around the world! As you dance to Bangarang’s bests of Pop, Indie, Folk and Dance, keep an eye out for the Lost Boys- they love a practical joke.

Tootles Circus

Tootles, though clumsy and silly, has a knack for discovering new music! Building his perfect setting to showcase his favourite bands, the circus is a wonderful array of musical talent for you to discover. But in usual Tootle fashion, he’s gone and got lost in The Neverland, see if you can spot him!

The Games Field

Join the Lost Boys on the games field for fun activities across the weekend

The Wendy House

Many moons ago… or possibly yesterday, when Wendy crashed down in The Neverwoods, the Lost Boys built this house around her to keep her safe. This hidden treasure has become one of The Neverland’s best underground music hotspots. Secret gigs, pop up birthday parties and random instruments.

Skull Ridge

A futuristic dystopia, Skull Ridge lies in The Neverland shadows – a living embodiment of shadowy fantasies and mind-blowing attractions. Listen to the relentless soundtrack of bass, and punk as the Pirates mob reigns supreme.

Long since abandoning sailing the high seas in favor of living in The Neverland. These steam punk pirates have built their home in the darkest corners of The Neverland with a host of venues…

The Goldmine

Hidden deep within the shadowy corners of The Neverland where The Pirates and their men dig for treasure. Its location is a secret, only the intrepid of adventurers dare to find this stage, the anarchistic dance arena of unceasing bass.

Hooks Rock

Enter Hooks Rock at your own peril. Hook’s very own cellar bar, a ramshackle pit for his  useless drunks. This industrial cage of rum and punk, only plays live rock, grunge, punk and grime.

Gentleman Starkeys

Skull Ridge’s infamous Cabaret Club. Playing host to a variety of entertainment; debates, comedy, spoken word, quizzes, side show and burlesque. Laugh, applaud and wow your way through the evening.

The Jolly Roger

The Neverland’s only Pirate casino! Challenge you chums to ridiculous games and challenges with forfeits, dares, pride and shame all on the line. On top of this no casino is complete without a plethora of sideshow performances magic, sword swallowing and the odd pirate brawl!

Mermaids Lagoon

Submerged in neon coating and sun-kissed horizons, Mermaids Lagoon will be the go-to destination for all those seeking the Club Tropicana high-life of cocktails, sunshine and 80s glam! Inhabited by the Mermaids, Mermaids Lagoon is the height of decadence and thrilling glamour.

The Mermaids are the queens (male and female!) of the Lagoon. Majestic and mischievous characters, they love to flirt and entertain in a whole host of colourful venues…

Wondersands Beach

For those seeking opulence and extravagance dive into the bright lights of 80s glam in all its prime, a place of beautiful Mermaids and luminous vibes. This real beach serenades with vivid soundtracks of disco, garage and pop.

Rainbow Rooms

By day a magical moving picture house (cinema) showing family friendly movies all with a link to The Neverland. By night the most fabulous of Drag Clubs.

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